Hilde Oliver, PhD






I am an oceanographer working to understand the biogeochemical consequences of coastal ocean dynamics. I am broadly interested in how climate-sensitive physical oceanographic features influence marine biogeochemical cycling. Using coupled physical-biological numerical models, my research aims to 1) identify the mechanisms that drive observed biogeochemical signals, and 2) constrain the impact of climate-sensitive dynamics on marine ecosystems.

I am currently investigating how submesoscale features caused by Gulf Stream meanders drive phytoplankton blooms in the Mid-Atlantic Bight as a Postdoctoral Scholar in the Department of Applied Ocean Physics and Engineering (AOPE) at WHOI, under the supervision of Dennis McGillicuddy and Gordon Zhang.

For my PhD work, I studied the impacts of glacial melting on high latitude coastal primary productivity and nutrient cycling using Regional Ocean Modeling Systems (ROMS), with focus on Greenland Ice Sheet melt to the Labrador Sea and West Antarctic Ice Sheet melt to the Amundsen Sea Polynya.

Contact: holiver[at]whoi.edu (Hilde is pronounced HIL-dÉ™)